Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Ordained Minister?

Yes, I am a Metaphysical Minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry (CIMM) and a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant with the Celebrant Foundation & Institute (CF&I) completing wedding ceremonies, milestones and other special life events.

What can we expect at our first Union Ceremony meeting?

Our first meeting is a ‘no obligation meeting’ where we have the opportunity to connect with each other to see if we are the right fit. We can also discuss potential options that you would like to integrate to mark your special ceremony. While some couples take their time to decide which fit is right for them, others will secure their special ceremony date by filling out a contract and completing a deposit. Should you choose a later time to confirm your date, the contract can be digitally submitted and the payment sent via an online money transfer.

Will you meet with us prior to a Union Ceremony?

Typically, couples utilize the Rehearsal date to finalize their ceremony details, however if additional time is required, we can meet in person, on the telephone or via email for any exchanges regarding your special ceremony.

What will the Union Ceremony look & feel like?

The ceremony is essentially your love story and it is a shared document that I write with your help and input in order to create a personalized ceremony that speaks to you and your partner’s journey. You are part of the process in the revision stages of the document until the ceremony speaks and sings to your individual personalities as a couple. Within the ceremony, we can include special rituals and traditions that acknowledge your family’s history & heritage. We can also integrate essential readings, poems, songs or speeches made by friends and loved one’s. For more information on the wedding ceremony creation process visit the Union Ceremonies About page.

Do we need to book a Rehearsal for a Union Ceremony?

Rehearsals are meaningful as they give you and your guests the opportunity to ‘run through’ the ceremony before your big event! It also helps ease the nerves among your speakers and presenters who will be part of your special ceremony. Rehearsals also assist the couple in creating an opportunity to present their Marriage License before the ceremony takes place. Please note that Wedding ceremonies will not be performed without a Marriage License.

What is the cost?

Ceremony costs can be found on the following About pages.

Do you perform Vow Renewals?

Yes, I perform vow renewals & milestone anniversary celebrations. These ceremonies are significant aspects of the marriage journey as they concretely acknowledge and celebrate your wedding anniversary. These ceremonies reflect the couple’s union and maturation of their marriage relationship and their journey together. Couples’ decide to rededicate themselves to one another at milestone anniversaries including: five, ten, twenty-five and fifty years. For information on the cost of a vow renewal of milestone anniversary celebration visit the Union Ceremonies About page.

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