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Union Ceremonies

Wedding Bouquet

Union Ceremony Creation Process

01. No Obligation Meeting

An opportunity to connect with each other to see if we are the right fit for your wedding ceremony!

Pink Petals

A personalized ceremony where we work collaboratively together to cocreate, celebrate and acknowledge your love story.
$900.00- $1100.00

This option is for you if you are looking for a personalized, in-person and unplugged ceremony to celebrate with your family and friends.

Romantic Couple

 Multimodal Ceremony & Rehearsal

This ceremony blends aspects of in-person synchronous (existing at the same time) with online elements together, enhancing an individual’s ceremonial experience to ensure both your in-person and virtual guests play an integral role in your personalized ceremony.
$1200- $1500

This option is for you if you are looking to include and integrate guests in meaningful and alternative ways, using various delivery modes in order to be part of your day.

Wedding Ceremony & Rehearsal

What Type of Union Ceremony Will Work for Me?

Romantic Couple


An intimate ceremony held in a special location that includes the couple, the officiant, photographer and a small number of guests (up to 10 folks).
$600- $850

This option is for you if you are looking for an intimate, in-person and unplugged ceremony surrounded by a handful of guests.

Pink Petals

  Vow Renewal &
Milestone Anniversary

A personalized ceremony that celebrates a lifetime of friendship and love. We work collaboratively to co-create and celebrate a couple’s union and maturation of their marriage relationship.


This option is for you if you are looking to recognize your marriage journey in a personalized way, in-person and unplugged with family, friends, children or simply with a handful of guests.

Romantic Couple

S​ymbolic Destination Wedding 

 A personalized ceremony that acknowledges and celebrates the intentional union of a couple and their journey in love without any legal authority or paperwork to recognize their unionship.

Elopement Ceremony (Let’s make it legal) $600-850*

Symbolic Ceremony Script $500*

2-hour Ceremony Coaching (Over Zoom) $150.00**

Travelling Officiant Accommodation & Expenses $1000-$1500***

This option is for you if you are completing an Elopement or Civil ceremony prior to your Destination Wedding, but are seeking a personalized ceremony on location to celebrate with family and friends. 

To book your Destination Wedding Services, please contact PGTravel.

*Elopement or proof of Marriage Licence must be present/available by couple.  

**Ceremony Coaching is available to a family member/friend to conduct the Symbolic Ceremony on location.   

*** Travelling Officiant accommodation & expenses for a minimum of 3 travel days.

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